Who We Are

The Leading Dairy Company in Lebanon

Taanayel Les Fermes, the leading dairy company in Lebanon, has a wide-ranging product line providing the market with natural, authentic & traditional products. 

By supporting independent local farmers and with Taanayel Les Fermes farms in the Bekaa valley, a constant supply of fresh milk is secured. At each step, stringent quality control measures are in place to assure perfection in every batch and all throughout the dairy chain.

We are constantly adding onto our portfolio innovative products & trends: from packaging to line extensions & new category introductions. At Taanayel Les Fermes, well-being, nutritional benefits & quality have at all times been, and will remain top priority. With this in mind, we will continuously endeavor to offer only the freshest products, made from 100% natural milk, free of any additives or preservatives, and always … pure at heart.

Taanayel Les Fermes